Thursday, June 19, 2008

Needin' ta' upgrade, I 'spose...

It appears I will need to invest in some new software before posting again. Although I could still figure out another way to get some new images up. Sorry for the long time between posts. Work at Worlds of Fun and such have been fairly "all-consuming."

My wife and I took a "mental health" day, and took in the "Bodies Revealed" exhibit. She acted before going like it wouldn't bother her, but said she felt somewhat creeped out afterwords, while I was the opposite. I thought it would bother me, but didn't. There were some rabbis who were opposed to the whole thing in the news, and some "Right to Life"-ers who were upset over the "reproductive" section of the exhibit. In retrospect, I'd have to give the rabbis a bigger "tip of the hat," as while it is easy to get upset over plasticine fetuses encased in various stages of development, someone's "baby" has parts on display all through the exhibit.

One item of particular note were the various "lab coats" in attendance. I'm not sure whether they were staffers, med students, or genuine physicians, but 2 caught my attention. They were whispering and doing the naughty girl giggle while looking at a particular body on display. And yes, "the junk" was with most of the bodies exhibited. In a nutshell, one of them reached out and fondled one of the preserved testicles. Kind of tacky, if you ask me. Where's "Candid Camera" when you need them.

Got some images coming soon.

Be good!