Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peyton Place withdrawal...

By Mike Worley

I guess I'm supposed to put that "intro" on each blog for the Facebook feed, so folks will know who is shoveling what amount of crap today, and decide if they want a plate full.'s my stinky pile for today!

Most of the time on my days' off from the park, I just go numb. Sleep generally. But I actually picked up a pencil and began doodling. Albeit to dvd episodes to "Peyton Place."

As a kid, the world stopped each week at the insistance of my mother because "Peyton Place" was on tv. It wasn't wise too suggest changing channels, either. Not happenin'! So there was no way of escaping the world of the MacKenzies and the Harringtons.

Stupidly, and on a lark, my wife and I picked up the dvd sets and began watching those episodes. And I got hooked, ashamed as I am to admit it. Now I'm at the mercy of the Shout! Factory, hoping that season 2, vol. 1 is right around the corner.

Here's a doodle I did of Dorothy Malone, as "Constance MacKenzie," with her photo for comparison...

One character that stood out for me was Leslie Harrington. This was all before the villains got all the press. Before JR Ewing made being the bad guy chic. So Paul Langton who played Harrington got smaller billing and in the end credits. Here's my sketch and his pic...

In the best vernacular, Leslie Harrington is what would best be described as a "prick." I'm not sure how to best define this. I have had encounters with folks described in other terms. A boss I worked for once said there are 2 kinds of people in the world, one kind he described by using the slang expression for an "anal opening," and the other as slang for "barnyard fowl excrement." That particular boss, most described as a prick. In the end, he was more the "barnyard fowl excrement." BID.

I may work up a piece of artwork with the "Peyton Place" crew. Anyone out there interested in owning one?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

random thoughts to begin August...

July was an interesting month, to say the least. Weather-wise, it was the mildest I've seen it. Other things were kind of weird. So with July behind me, August starts the beginning of the Worlds of Fun season winding down. My time still won't feel like it will free up some for about another 2 weeks. We have our last midnight close of the summer this weekend. That has its own sadness as the school year beginning is now around the corner.

And I need to draw.

One of my kids from the park asked if I would draw her portrait, which I am very flattered to do. I've tried to do some designing on some stuff in the Airbrush t-shirt shop, but haven't come up with anything. Although a design with a cartoon fish keeps popping up in the noggin of late. Tuesday night I drew some caricatures to help out one of my artists. It was fun. I got to draw 6 really cute girls on a "road trip" before they headed back to begin school. And I stupidly didn't have my camera so I could share the results. Dumb!

One incident from Tuesday...I was in Dollar General buying baby wipes for the Facepainting stand at the park, standing in the checkout line juggling 8 boxes of baby wipes while some irritating woman was holding up the line. For some reason, the other women in the checkout line seemed to find my purchase of interest. One in particular, in her rather toothless way, blurted out, "What'cha got all them baby wipes for???!!!" To which, I ignored her. Nunyuh!

Eventually another check out line opened up, and I moved over to it. A different woman in the other check out line looked at me and said, "I have to ask...Why DO you have all those baby wipes?" I couldn't resist the "Al Jaffee" moment, and replied, "Well, I got involved with a woman half my age. What can I say? She had quads." Got quite a look from her. And the checkout girl, herself in the "family way" whispered to me, "Quads! Really?" And I quipped, "Yep," and walked out of the store with 2 big bags of baby wipes.

My wife and daughter both found the story funny.