Friday, March 14, 2008

some doodlin'

I was talking to a friend of mine last night, and started doodling with a pencil. While not my best effort, it reaffirms that working in this style--somewhat "Disney-esque"--comes a bit more naturally. I've tried doing edgy and "angular," but I have to work at it, and it never really looks quite what I want. Can't help it. It just flows more smooth and rounded. Anyway, here's my first doodle...

kind of brutish guy.

The next one had more of an "Outer Limits" feel. The original series, thank you. And I was a big fan when I was a kid. Even had most of the card set. Here's my "alien"...

Out of that one, I started a "super-being" sketch. If I get some time, I'll work it up and show some others I did back in 2005.

While I'm at it, the friend I was talking to is cartoonist, Monte May. If you haven't seen his online strip, you should check it out at: Caio!


montemay said...

Thanks for the Plug. I like the alien with the knife. :)


Kirk Chritton said...

Mike, your "English" guy looks more French to me. I could see him as one of the townsfolk in Beauty and the Beast. Love it!!