Monday, October 20, 2008

God Biz, part deux...

My son says I need to journal more often, but it often reflects whether or not I'm getting anything done, art-wise.

If you are "anti-religion," you may want to exit now, because there's going to be some "religious" talk, and of a "pro-religion" type vein.

I was asked by a missionary, who attend the church I'm at, to draw a "mini-comic" for the ministry he's affiliated. I had done one for him a few years back, and supposedly it was a success! (Hey, I'm stuck here in the midwest. What do I know?) So we kicked around the idea of a sequel. And I wanted a chance to do better job this time. Call it one of my psychoses, that I never think what I've done is ever "good enough." I'm dealing with it. I started working on it earlier this year, had knee surgery, had Worlds of Fun to deal with as it kicked into the full-time season, but finally got off my fat butt and decided I had no excuse and was going to finish the thing--PERIOD!!!

I got 1 hour's sleep between Friday and Saturday, but got it done. And the pages will follow thusly...Yes, I can see the "flaws" now that I've had some sleep, and self-editing is a pain. But I've started to work over tweaking what I've done to make it better. At least I got it this far!!! Oy Vey!!!

And with this mostly out of the way, I hope to work on some web comics. I have an idea for a strip about an eracible, somewhat cantankerous Baptist minister--kind of saying a lot of the thinks I normally think but don't. Call it "throw rocks at the church windows," so to speak. Here's what he looks like...

More stuff to come...


KeelanParham said...

It's funny, Mike, a friend of mine and I have been thinking about a "throwing rocks at the glass church windows" kind of trip for awhile. But it's so hard to write, as a Christian, that we've pretty much given up on it! IT will be interesting to see how you do it.

As for this Sat7 strip, not knowing what Sat7 was (it's real, right?), I found myself a bit lost. I wasn't sure if this was a tract, or an ad strip. Now I see it is more of the latter. As that, I think it's great. It's got some great cartooning, nice spotting of blacks (I'm a big believer in that), and varying camera angles. Good stuff. Plus, it really made me want to find out more about Sat7, which was the entire point!

One C and C... I'm still confused by what the character is saying in the last panel of page one, right before they "jump" into the TV...a typo, maybe?

Anyway, great stuff. Thanks for sharing. I've put your blog now on my Google Reader, so I'll know when you update!


Mike Worley said...

I'm currently working to tweak the Sat-7 comic to clarify it. And I appreciate your comments and input.