Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wow! It's June already?...

...so I didn't keep my promise to myself to blog more in May, equaling last year's total of one post for the month. This year, however, seemed to have just more stuff crammed into it.

*I got "promoted" at work, which meant a learning curve on trying to do stuff I hadn't done before, like payroll and office reports, along with keeping up with what I was doing.

*Finding time training the new assistant manager to do the things I had been, while keeping payroll down, and juggling schedules because the staff was predominantly still in school.

*My son got married.

*My nephew graduated. (I really hated missing that one.)

*Dealing with hyperactive terriers who still have housebreaking issues.

*My daughter's birthday.

*My 31st wedding anniversary.

*A church deacons' meeting--those are always long.

And I'm sure I'm missing something out of this. Is it any wonder I look like this?...

This particular image was drawn by Javier Gonzalez--the midwest's fastest caricature artist!!! And a really great guy!

June isn't starting better. My mother is scheduled to have knee surgery in the middle of the month. I've heard my uncle from California will be coming back to help. I'd like to be able to spend some time with them, but could see it being difficult. Worlds of Fun is a demanding "mistress."

Every now and then, something I did comes back to haunt me. This one, I guess, still makes the rounds, and it's from a time when I was more sure of myself and my abilities. To see the whole thing, just click on the image...

It was a fun piece. To this day "Betty" is still my favorite character to draw. The first professional freelance pencilling job I got was a one-pager from Archie--a "Betty" story. Nor is this piece a good example of how I NOW draw the characters. I learned a lot from Dan DeCarlo and Stan Goldberg whenever I got a chance to get pointers. There was a joy to the drawing, and I haven't been joyfully drawing since I had surgery on my arms and hands.

I did finish up, somewhat, on the Sat-7 minicomic project I'd let set too long. And it turned out rather well. I like how the characters ended up, design-wise. And NO, it's not a "this Bud's for you," but part of an illustration to help kids begin to fund-raise. Sat-7 is one of the few "media ministries" I have respect for. The prevelent ones just irritate me.

I do admit to recycling this image. Originally it was a cartoony version of Brian Miller of HiFi Colour Design, and I redrew it to make it "Dr. Salaam"--a little character I created to help promote the Sat-7 minicomic.

That's all for now.

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