Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I contemplated the daunting task of finally cleaning out the pig-sty of a studio, which is mine. It seems like all that I started months ago got put on hold while I worked at Worlds of Fun, only now to find that it all seemed to "multiply" in my absense. Ah, well. There are plenty of trash bags.

First up is a drawing on my studio wall. I got it years ago from one of my favorite cartoonists, the late Fred Rhoads. He is one that won't have the "fanfare" a lot get in the "priveleged" circles, or among name-droppers. He worked on "Sad Sack" at Harvey, comics that have almost been forgotten. But I loved them as a kid, and was thrilled he did this piece for me years later.

Secondly, I was forwarded a notice that a KC based company was looking for someone to do "Archie-style line drawings"--something that is right up my alley. Couldn't quite figure out how to get the images through Craigslist as they kept bouncing my e-mails, so I finally settled on sending a jpeg of a commission piece I did for a friend. I may try to send more if I don't hear back from them. "Betty," of course, is copyright 2008 Archie Publications.

I also found a piece I did, and a page I started for a '70's style Marvel horror thing. I might not take much to finish off the pencils of the first page--maybe an afternoon of me getting off my lazy butt and leaving the presence of the "one-eyed god" in the living room. (There really isn't a whole lot on tv anyway.)

This character is a hoot, and it might be fun to do something with her, comics-wise. But only after I get "Pastor Dibble" launched. I may need to add a tail so she looks less like She-Hulk.

Finally, I'd like to put in a plug for Kerry Gammill, who I met years ago, and his online magazine, "Monster Kid." FM may be a fond memory, but those of us who love Uncle Forry are still out there. He had some really neat desktop images, so I used the one from "The Raven" as my current setting.

"Todah!" "Leilah Tov!"

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