Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Startin' Over...

Some things I got for Christmas this year were sketchbooks. So I've tried to warm up by doing a complete "sketch"--ala fill a page with fairly "complete" things instead of noodled ideas, and it's been rather enjoyable. I have some I haven't uploaded from the beginning of the year, but this one from last night came off rather well. "60 Minutes" ran a segment this past Sunday evening on the Texas Tech football program and their coach, Mike Leach. He appeals to me, even though he coaches a Texas school, because he just doesn't fit the "molds" of what a successful college/pro coaches should be. He's a bit of a slob and disheveled, and is like nothing I've seen on a sideline. So I drew a caricature of him...Maybe next I should try Mark Mangino from KU. My wife says he must eat his players, as big as he is.

This past weekend I made a effort to get out of the house and the funk I still feel at my dog's passing. Said I wanted to go to a pet store and hold a puppy. So we ventured out Saturday. I told her up front that I had no intentions of purchasing a pup. When we got to the store it was difficult for me. And there was a Corgi puppy sleeping on her back, which was something Bosco used to do. When we got to have some time with her, she did all the puppy things like chewing and peeing on the floor. She was a cutey, but there just wasn't any "spark." I'm sure she'll find a good home, but it just isn't time for me yet. And it's never a good idea to get a pet just to have one.

I guess we were just fortunate the past 2 decades to have had good dogs for pets. Family members, actually. They both had good and gentle personalities, and were never inclined to even consider biting anyone. My daughter champions the Pug Rescue, and that breed is the one of choice for her and her husband. My mother favors Jack Russell Terriers, and my sister-in-law's family likes Golden Retrievers. As it stands with me now, it isn't about a particular breed. It's about a companion,...a friend.

To close today, here's an updated version of a "Tommi Trek" piece for Brian Miller's book, complete with action and mummies.

Be Good!

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