Monday, October 4, 2010

Of mantras and men...

It's October, and both a feeling of relief and of sadness begins to creep upon me. In four weekends the season at Worlds of Fun will be over, plus one more to put things to bed. November will signal some changes and time to fill. I've applied to go back to school, hopefully for this old dog to learn some new tricks. I'm drawing tonight, and it feels both exciting and terrifying. Kind of like getting back up on a horse and waiting to be bucked off.

But if I've reaffirmed some things, it has been to define some sort of "credo." Or mantra, amidah, code, philosophy of life... whatever moniker to be given to it. Sometimes it's defined by certain sayings or snippets of wisdom. Harry, from "Dexter," said there are two kinds of people in the world...the ones the way we want to see them, and the what they choose to show. Certainly the "golden rule" has merit, too.

W. C. Fields had 3, and 2 of which he used for movie titles. They weren't my faves of his movies. That one would be "The Bank Dick." But his mantra was simple...
1) Never Give a Sucker An Even Break
2) You Can't Cheat An Honest Man
3) Never Wise Up a Chump

The last one haunts me the most, as I still have a nagging feeling of being suckered, or played, by a few individuals. Nothing to really discuss here.

But my simple credo is this..."Like" is generic, "Love" is relative, but "Trust" is what you can "take to the bank." More than anything else in our "commodity" society, trust in in short supply. Some would even live by "Trust No One!" Sad really.

I tend to be trusting. Which is why betrayal seems to be heinous to me. In Christian society, Judas Iscariot is generally banished to the lowest rungs of (whatever definition of ) hell there may be. After all, didn't he betray the Son of God? But maybe his crimes are worse than that. More personal. He betrayed his friend. And worse,...he betrayed his rabbi.

Which brings me to...

Here's a portrait I've started of her. I'm drawing it on coquille board, and will probably do another of her once I get more comfortable with this surface. To quantify, this is a work-in-progress...
portrait of Taryn.  Is a W-I-P.
Taryn is someone I trust. I've never had the feeling she didn't have my back. She isn't the only one. There are several people working for me this summer who are in that category and as I continue to draw, I hope to post not only the drawings, but some things about some of the wonderful kids who shared some of their lives with me at the park.

I've given different ringtones to folks in my contact book on my phone. Taryn's ironically is "Born to be Wild," as she comes across as a force of nature. Others were given ringtones based on either I just like the song, had an epiphany, or it was a favorite of theirs in particular. Of the latter, I think Kim may be the only one from the park, as hers is the Doors' "Don't You Love Her Madly." Derek got Dexter's "Blood Theme." Pat got the "Twilight Zone" theme. My daughter got Judy Garland's version of "Over the Rainbow." My wife got 2...both were popular when we were dating..."How Deep Is Your Love" for her cell, and "Baby, I Love Your Way" for her work phone. I gave Ray, my senior supervisor the Raspberries, "Go All the Way," in honor of my catharsis at Oceans of Fun. He hates it, and would prefer something "cool," but it's my phone. My tones. And there are others. It's kind of nice knowing whose calling.

Enough BS-ing and pontificating. Have some drawing to do!

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