Monday, January 17, 2011

...special love I have for you, my baby blue...

One of my favorite childhood memories is of the "Beatles" cartoon show produced by King Features Animation. Love the designs to the point that I don't feel a need to caricature them myself. I did, however, get interested in the "heir apparent" band signed to Apple Records, "Badfinger," formerly "The Iveys."

Badfinger is the greatest band that never was. And so screwed over by the music industry. Three of them are deceased now, and only one remains. So without any more introduction, here's my version of them done as close as I can for a first draft, in the style of the "Beatles" cartoon show.

Here's lead singer, composer, and guitarist, the late Peter Ham...

Bassist, composer, and singer, the late Tom Evans...

Drummer, the late Mike Gibbins...

And guitarist and singer, Joey Molland...

The knock on them was how much they looked and sounded like the Beatles. Ironically, as they progressed they developed their own sound. I also see a lot of myself in Pete Ham.

"Tell me the day and I'll set you free, what you wanna be
Show me the way and I'll let you see what you do to me
Well, it's not enough to live
If you're gonna take, then you have to give
We're for the dark, mm-baby, you and I..."(from "We're For The Dark," by Peter Ham)

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