Tuesday, July 5, 2011


2011 continues to be a year of discontent. Spent it pretty much by myself. There was a family situation, of which I'm not going to comment on further, and Becky was needed for that.

I did go to the Mutchler/Clark family reunion. Got lost because the road I was on was closed about half way. Spent a good 45 minutes on some gravel roads to nowhere trying to get to Tarkio. Found out later on that I-29 isn't closed at Rockport, and that I could've taken the easy route. Time to quit listening to Katey Horny at channel 5.

We did go over to the Dewalt's for Fourth of July evening. It was good. Some homemade pizza. Watched their neighborhood turn into a warzone with all the fireworks going off.

Was listening to the radio, and was amazed at all the memories that came flooding back depending on the song that was playing. Loggins and Messina's "Your Mama Don't Dance" came on and I remembered the cutest brunette who walked into the gym my senior year at the winter dance...and how I didn't "man up" and try to talk to her.

Jackson Browne's "Doctor My Eyes" reminds me of a mini-roadtrip I was on in Northeast Kansas. Saw some old friends that summer who would've been my classmates had we not moved to Maryville, MO from Effingham, KS.

Some song from "Dirty Dancing" came on and it reminded me how much I hate that damned movie. Still like the song, though.

Feels like I'm "marking time."

I've been wanting to take some kind of self-defense class. I think I'll try to find one, right after I go work out.

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