Monday, August 18, 2008

Wow! Full-time just about done!!!...

I started this blog to clear my head and do some "out loud" thinking, and I'm amazed at how time has gotten away from me. Where do I start? Well, since my last post, I said "Goodbye" to a good friend, went to Comic Con International, went to my 35th class reunion, and now face finally having some time to breathe! It's been difficult to find time/energy to draw. And I need to draw! And pick a project of my own and finish it! Scary!!!

I did this doodle a while back. One of the caricature artists was drawing a girl, and her features fascinated me. She's bi-racial, and I grimaced as the artist, upon finishing the b/w and starting to color, picked up the dark brown artstick when she had a very fair golden cast to her skin tone.

I'm currently working on the final caricature contest of the year. It's the cast to "The Office," and I promise to put up some sketches no later than Wednesday. In the meantime, here's a rough I did for my entry for the "Sex and the City" contest. I should have the final version I entered uploaded soon, too. By the way, I DID win the "Sex and the City" contest. Huzzah!!!

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