Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To breathe...

The full-time season at Worlds of Fun came to an end Sunday. Now it's just weekends, with the exception of Labor Day. I wish I knew where the past few years have gone. At times it seems like a haze. Somehow I survived last season, complete with my boss going down with a serious ailment and my daughter getting married. Here's me on her wedding day. I'm wearing my kippah and tallit. She wouldn't let me wear it for the actual ceremony...didn't think the Lutherans at the church we were at would go for it. I'm not Jewish, but have found new insights in studying Judaism, many new wonders that have unfolded for me.

At the park, we have competitions among the caricature artists as I've stated in some previous posts. And sometimes we get some good drawings for display. Some are even mine. Here's one I did of David Caruso. My wife watches CSI:Miami mostly to comment on his acting abilities and posing. It's at an odd angle because it's up high on the wall.

Harry Potter has been popular with the kids we work with. Most have grumbled at the new movies getting pushed to summer 2009 instead of a Christmas release this year. I won the "Umbridge" contest we had last season.

And, as I promised, I'm posting the "Sex and the City" version I did for this season's contest. Sorry for the crappy photo, and the flash around Sarah Jessica's breasticle.

Currently, I'm watching "Dexter," season 2 and I bought "Heroes," season 2 today. I found the "Lila" character fascinating for Dexter. I like to sketch quick caricatures while watching tv. It helps me to think. I feel like I'm at an empasse, career-wise, and not sure of a direction.

Be good!


Vixen said...

Great caricatures!

Mike Worley said...

I'm glad you like them, and thanks for stopping by!