Monday, September 1, 2008

a sketch party...

Some of the other artists from Worlds of Fun got together for a sketch party this past Thursday. It was fun, getting some time to just draw, watch a movie, and hang. I have some stuff I drew from that party. The first "challenge" was to draw the person to our left as a zombie. This is Sam...

While warming up for the evening, I did some drawing on a "creature" for a webstrip that's rattled around the noggin for over 10/15 years.

We had a "fetish" challenge, but I don't have the sketch I did. The subject of that sketch, Stacie, wanted it. Besides, I don't think it would be appropriate for here. Although I may post some of the sketches done of ME for a laugh...maybe tomorrow!

The last "challenge" was one I didn't pay attention. Since the folks there all draw caricatures, we were to do a composite sketch of the 2 people to our left. I just drew 2 character designs based on Sam and Ben to my left. I like it enough to want to rework it into a more finished piece, and yes, I drew one arm disjointed. Nothing that can't be corrected in later development. Maybe I should do more with "Count Benula" and "Samgor?"

Have a good night!

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