Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catching up...

Recently, I got into "Dexter." And I'm finding it enjoyable to sit down with a complete season and just watch it through, and not completely understanding why. I used to have shows I would plan my week around--kind of sad, really--but my wife and I have done things that way for years. In the '70's, it was "Night Stalker" when it was on. Later, "Dallas," "Me and the Boys," the "Dark Shadows" revival and the "X-Files" when it first started. In this decade, it's been crime shows such as "CSI" and "NCIS." But dvd's of full season have changed things. BID.

In season 2 of "Dexter" was a character called "Lila" played by actress, Jaime Murray.She played Lila deliciously wicked and evil, and I think it was a mistake for the producers to have "offed" her. It may have tied up a loose end for that season, but I'd have like for her to have been lurking to give Dexter some potential, future fits. Ah, well. Here's a quick sketch I did of her while watching an episode a while back.

I also did some quick sketches of Doakes and Deb, Dexter's sister...

Lastly, this was drawn of me by a fellow artist at Worlds of Fun, Stacie Batchelar...kinda has a "Halloween" feel to it.

Got to go...finishing up "The Tudors," season one. And is anyone else enjoying, "Fringe?"

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