Monday, September 15, 2008

crappy weather. IIICCCCKKKK!!!...

It really sucked at the park this past weekend. Just dismal with the weather being rainy. I guess we have "Ike" to thank.

I considering regrowing my "pornstache" and sideburns. Hopefully I won't look as creepy as I did a year ago. Probably will.

This artwork hangs in my studio proudly. It was done by the legendary Burne Hogarth.

And since this is supposed to be my "drawing blog," I should show something. And since I have done some Simpsons stuff for Bongo, at some point I get asked if I'd caricature someone as a Simpsons' character. Here's one of our airbrush artists, Brandon Arnold......and here's what I came up with...

More yet to come. Bye, now!

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