Thursday, June 10, 2010

a long month...

I fell in love with the "Veronica Mars" tv shows when my wife and I discovered it a little less than mid decade. For some reason, there was a really good period of excellent writing for the tv media...Veronica Mars was one of those examples.

Ironically, 2010 would've been a benchmark year for the show, had it survived. Like a lot of shows, it had some "sophomore" blues in the 2nd season, but even then it still shined brighter than most of the dreck, particularly the reality gulag that has taken hold of most networks. But 2010 would mark Veronica's graduation from Hurst College, and the chance for her father to run, again, for sheriff of Balboa County.

In another post to come, I'll go into the "Worley" version of what took place. For this posting, I'll illuminate an earlier thought I gave to a friend as we discussed the show during its run. It seemed to get a bit off-track, and I wondered if it might need to return to its roots to regain footing. So, at the time, I suggested a "Dallas" style rebooting for a 4th season. Veronica awakens from a coma of 3 years having been drugged and raped at the end of school year party so prominently mentioned throughout the run of the show. Lilly Kane is still dead and her murder unsolved. Keith Mars is not a PI, but trying to just get on with his life, a broken and near penniless man. Veronica awakens to find her mother by her side, having dutifully returned upon hearing of her daughter's coma. Veronica has lost 3 years of her life and now has to, not only reclaim them, but find out what has been happening. She goes back to Neptune High, now an older student completely out of her element. Everything is familiar, but not. Also, she discovers that she, not Meg Manning, delivered a baby. She has a child, and doesn't know her whereabouts.

But that was in 2007 when we were hoping the show would be back. Alas, it wasn't to be. But ain't fan fiction great?

As for life, I've had several "body blows" over the course of the past month. Some I'll comment on later. But for now, I'm going to the movies with my wife.

"Todah!!!" And "Shalom!!!"

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