Friday, July 23, 2010

July sucks, too...

Dear Blogspot,

I'm back. Not much to say yet because of time constraints. But eventually I'll have more to say and post. Have started my drawing of "Satan" and his minions, which I've found to be great therapy. Rhonda may not like it...unless I really have lost my abilities. And I've done some sketching to get back my chops at drawing pretty girls. Can't help at this point quoting the late Dan Decarlo..."Kid. If ya can draw a pretty girl, you're never without woik..."

I did visit my grandmother's grave July 1. More to come on that. Survived a "boss visit." More to come on that. I've lost 25 lbs!!! Definitely more to come on that. Am saddened to be losing some really fine kids going off to school. And even though it's a yearly thing, it still has a certain sting to it. One that seems worse this year. Can't work at the "carnival" all your life.

Got a package from a buddy who wants to do a webcomic. We talked about it at I-Con last November and he sent me a script. Haven't had time to really dig into it, but I have glanced at it. Hey! It's monsters and chicks! How can that be bad?

But it's now time for me to do 2 more of the 3 morning "S's"...already did one. And sweat through my clothes, again, before 1pm.
I have gone from morbidly obese to just obese. Next stop, to "fat," then to "chubby," then to "pudgy," then to "portly," then to "big boned(no obscene comments, please)," then maybe I can be a skinny old man with his pants up under his armpits.

I'm really kicking myself for not going to Comicon this year. But I probably wouldn't have come back from San Diego. Need to see me an ocean!

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