Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2... 5... 8...

258. Haven't seen that in a while. In fact, since some time in 1998/1999 working for Brian Miller. At that time I saw it as my weight was going up. I tipped that this past Wednesday. It felt good to finally be under 260. May be a skinny man, yet!

I get to see "Nurse Dracula" this morning. That's my own code for going in for blood work. I really hate doing it. Usually no bullet is given for me to bite down on. Not that it hurts...sometimes...I just don't like the idea of getting stuck.

It's also this time of year when I have to schedule the examination that "men doth not speak." If anyone out there doesn't know what I'm talking about...I ain't explaining it.

I met Taryn's dog, Kaden, yesterday. A really cute, but huge, puppy.

Last night, I was at the park late working on some stuff. It was raining, but not the torrential floods which identified this past summer...when it would rain. It was soothing. At one point I took a break and texted my buddy, Grant, who called me and we chatted. Some time out of town for a few days may just be what I need. And Grant's been really nagging me about getting back to my sketchbook. If George Harrison's guitar bleeds, I wonder what that makes my sketchbook?

I'd had something confirmed that had been nagging me for a while. A statement in passing from someone I trust about a situation and person, but it still cut rather deep. Guess I hate being played.

This time of year brings out my introspection, I guess because it's during the 10 Days of Awe now. In studying Judaism, final judgment for the coming year will finalize this coming weekend with Yom Kippur. My fate for the coming year will be sealed. Good and bad.

"Yitgadol v' yitkaddash shmeh rabbah"...when it is my time before the "throne," one question would have to be answered...why did He take Chris when he did? Today marks the 4th anniversary of the passing of Dr. Chris R. Bullard...

He seemed to love the "Indiana Jones" movies, and wore a fedora when conducting tours.

Chris was the best teacher I'd ever had. Nobody had ever opened up biblical things to me the way he did. It was as if a veil were lifted. Becky and I wanted to go on one of his tours of Israel, and were planning on it back then when I got the email from Chris' brother that he'd died of a heart attack.

Why I'm still here and he isn't, makes no sense. He had something to say, I spout dribble. He made a difference in the world, I watch the rain.

I miss him. And it isn't because we were close personal friends. I just loved learning from him.

Time to get ready for the giving of blood. I think that Dr. Menon will be pleased next week with my test results. Dr. Nash, however, is always a bit too cheery for me. No one should love that kind of work that much.

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