Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...the end, the beginning...

Today marked the first day of classes at college for me for this semester. And it also ended the month long lag between semesters that is the "holiday break." Honestly, I find most holiday times a bit boring. I really do need to find some kind of "umph" to be at my drawing table. It would help with the boredom.

One thing I DID do was get some books on programs I would need to learn, such as Mudbox and ZBrush. I've also been working out of a book on AfterEffects to get some proficiency with it. I'm seeing more potential with AfterEffect now that I'm not so confused by the interface.

My first class was "Game Art Assets." Working up some concept art for games may be a way to go for me. We'll see. Tonight I have my other class, "Character Animation in 3D." It will be with an instructor I'm unfamiliar with. But I think I'll be fine. I hope to have some new sketches to post. I see 2012 as a bit of a "recovery" year, in more ways than one. Although the only recovery I'm really interested in is getting my swagger back.


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