Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Maybe I should blog more often?...

I haven't blogged in 2 years.  Yesterday, I got a notification of a new comment on a blog post from 2011.  I admit to being somewhat shocked.  Not so much from what was in this "comment," but that anyone commented at all!  Particularly after 3 years.

What I found discouraging and disheartening about the comment wasn't so much the content as the anonymity of the author.  But maybe things will be clearer if you see the comment from "Anonymous"...

I wondered why you weren't doing any comics that glorified Jesus Christ, and now see that you are doing limited animations that laugh at the notion of first-time fornication on a prom night. Really, Mike, you should know better than this at that late stage in life. I've seen a lot of people fall away from God in this apostate age, but those who hold fast to Christ will gain an unperishable crown. The reality of this is evident in the lives of those who fully entrust themselves to His will and His care. So very few 'walk the walk' in the arts especially. Fortunately, soul-winning doesn't rely upon talent, but anointing and consecrated living. A Holy Ghost-filled believer can work wonders!"

I'm sure "Anonymous" means well.  But due to the fact the comment is anonymous, I have to discount its validity.  It falls into the category of the "poisoned pen letter," or the prank phone calls.  I would've preferred that if "Anonymous" were that concerned, "he," "she," or "it," would show me the decency of approaching me in the open.

I have the impression that either we have crossed paths at some point, which exasperates me that "Anonymous" didn't make the effort to contact me.  Would I have been open to it?  (Yes, I would.)  Would I have welcomed prayer? (Absolutely!)  But instead of approaching me with concern in private, it was decided the more prudent course was to be less private with little, to no, concern.

To "Anonymous,"--Thank you for finding my blog, and for taking the time to take a look at my artwork.  Had you completed reading my post about that particular project, you would've discovered that the "prom night fornication" was a ruse.  A set-up.  A bait and switch.  In the end, it wasn't losing virginity sexually, but of shapeshifter and werewolves getting their first "kill."

It was less porn, and more "Twilight Zone."

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