Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My wife has been asked to make a presentation on "positive journaling" at a women's conference. The idea being to write positive things in one's journal--ideas and the like--instead of all the negative crap and complaining that most do. Blogs, I would guess, make it easy to "go off," for lack of a better term. "Rant" may be more accurate in some cases. While I'm sure that it may have some therapeutic value on some level, doing so on the public forum of the Internet doesn't seem wise or prudent.

I found a sketchbook I started last fall while continuing to clean and organize the studio. I know so because the drawings started in it were from the time the 'Halloweekends," or whatever they were called this past year, at Worlds of Fun. They had live midway "personalities," and one in particular was very good at creeping out the crowd and giving a good scare. While my version is from my own memory, I thought it turned out rather well. And it will be good to show that I can draw other stuff other than the "funny" stuff.

I got to meet Tom Richmond finally at an NCS gathering here in town, also in October. It was a fun time, and it seemed like an organization I'd like to see about joining. There was a break before the evening presentation, and I had some time to sketch a bit in the lounge area. Don't know why I can't do this kind of stuff on "live" caricatures. Must be a stealth thing.

Finally,...I signed up for a correspondence course through the Kubert School. It feels like I need to sharpen my skills. It's funny, originally I started out wanting to do superheroes, but it seemed like I stumbled into doing the funny stuff. In one of the lessons, Joe encourages to "stretch" and think in different shapes and such. Possibly the hero could be a "fat" guy(?) As this one turned out, he will more than likely be the villain in something that's been rolling around the noggin. So far, the only name I've come up with that I like is "Blubber." He's a bit gross, though...a fat guy in a speedo. I should know. I would look terrible in a speedo. He reminds me of some of the pro wrestlers from the '50's and early '60's. Not all the guys were fat, but some were really knarled up porkers.

I finished "The Sopranos" tv show. A bit bent that Bobby got offed, and the show went more "scorched earth" in its exit. It was nice that it ended with the family. I have some "Heroes" sketches to noodle and develop, and it's irritating the show is probably gone until next season. But hey! Battlestar Galactica will be coming up in April! And it looks like this year's movie season will be better than 2007.

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Anonymous said...

I like the varied styles in your sketches. I could see some Wrightson in the first sketch, especially in around the mouth and eyes.

All in all, nice work. Keep at it, Mike!