Thursday, April 23, 2009

...between rounds...

I'm taking a brief break before plunging back in to conquer what I've come to call the "500lb Gorilla." The "Gorilla" is a set of "Simpson-ized" caricatures I have been commissioned to do, and I've never had such a struggle, or artistic block before. I can't seem to get them done, and it's extremely frustrating. I posted some initial sketches earlier, and I made a promise to myself to clear off my table one job at a time, so as to concentrate on some webstrips and some of my own stuff. Can't do that until I get rid of the "Gorilla."

So to lighten my own mood, I've posted a teaser. I needed to do a quick sketch to clear my head. Monte May, and those in his bachelor party will know the joke, but the rest of you will have to wait. The drawing is based on the waitress that we had that night for the bachelor dinner.

Time to get back to work. The "Gorilla" waiteth!!!

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