Monday, March 30, 2009

con talk...

My daughter gives me fits about my blog. Recently, she chewed me out for talking about my dream of the "imaginary children." Said people would think I'm crazy. My rationale is that I may have maybe 10 people out of the 6 billion on the planet that have read this thing, so I'm not that worried about being thought of as "nuts." And if anyone IS actually reading this there any way to get from Blogspot the numbers of hits on an individual blog, like this one? I'm not that internet savvy.

Planet Comicon brought back some memories. And it made me more resolved to stay in touch with other artists. One is Justin Arrendondo. We keep talking about doing some sort of collaboration, but nothing has materialized. We were at a drawing shindig a few years back, and he drew a fish chick. Being the showoff I am, I drew my version of it, and he liked it. Since it had some obvious "nekkid" parts, those have been covered for the more sensitive...

So whadda' ya' think? Maybe some sort of short feature? On Facebook, some KC guys have been chirping about doing a Kansas City creators' book, so maybe it would have a home?

I also reconnected with a girl I used to draw caricatures with, out at Worlds of Fun. She has a character called "Mainasha," and I always thought it had potential. Any way, here's me with Arie Monroe...

My last post had a drawing I did of a "Supergirl." Here's the girl I based it on...

And since self-deprecation is my forte, I doctored a photo taken of me posing with Jessica, the Supergirl. Who said fumetti was dead?

Gotta go now. It's raining, and sounds very relaxing. I have some commission pieces to work on, and some Dibble strips to tighten up.

Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!


Len said...

hello supergirl!!!


Anonymous said...



But...that's part of your charm!

Seriously, it was great to see you again and thanks for the Tommi Trek!