Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watchin' the wheels go round 'n' round...

Call me sarcastic, but the latest heralding of good times by the Kansas City Chiefs is the trade for New England backup QB, Matt Cassel, and I find myself shaking my head again. He's the new "savior," and if you listen closely to the music spinning up that it's the same old record played ad nauseum. "New blood comin' in, Gonna be fun again..." complete with BOW-chika-BOW BOW '70's kitsch was what we heard pre disco.

This is not a slap at Mr. Cassel or his abilities, but for almost 40 years the Chiefs have been in some kind of "rebuilding" mode. Usually it starts with a quarterback controversy followed by the firing of the coach, to acquiring/drafting the new "savior" QB, to " we're rebuilding" with a new coach only to have the "new" QB not quite work out...and the cycle starts all over again. Under "jolly" Jack Steadman's watch, the glass was always half empty. As long as the stadium was full, Chiefs' gear was being bought, sky boxes were sold and season tickets were at a premium, the carrot of "next year" would be continually dangled. But when there was a fan outcry, or outrage, with plenty of empty seats, too many leftover season tickets, and the "same old/same old" not working too well, did Lamar Hunt step in and want some "changes." So Carl Peterson came in. Under "king" Carl Peterson's tenure, the glass was always half full. We were always one, maybe two players away from making it over the top. After Lin Elliot, it was "if only we had a decent kicker..." If the Defense was good, the Offense sucked. If the Offense was good, then the Defense would suck. But like Jolly Jack, with King Carl, as long as the stadium was full, Chiefs' gear was being bought, sky boxes were sold and season tickets were at a premium, the carrot of "next year" was continually dangled. And, under King Carl, we won more playoff games then we had in previous decades. So far the Chiefs average about 1 playoff win per decade. The Chiefs were usually "one, and done." So much for the second attempt at the "glory years."

How much "rebuilding" does any team need? After a while, should it be done? Other teams seemed to find ways to get it done in a few years. In the 39 years since the Chiefs won the Superbowl, Pittsburgh made it 7 times, won 6. Dallas made it 8 times, won 5, the 49ers made 5 for 5...see a pattern? Even the hated Broncos and Raiders made it multiple times to the "big dance," and won some to boot! The teams that WANT championships generally win them.

So Chiefs' fans! How about a QB litany! Mike Livingston, Tony Adams, Tom Clements, Todd Blackledge, Steve Fuller, Bill Kenney, Ron Jaworski, Steve Deberg, Dave Kreig, Steve Bono, Rich Gannon, Elvis Grbac, Brodie Croyle, Damon Huard...kind of stings, doesn't it? As for Joe Montana, he really wasn't a Chief. Face it, he was always a 49er. But I did love watching him play the 2 years he wore the "other" red jersey. And Bill Kenney DID become a part of the community, and it has been appreciated. And Trent Green came the closest to trying to fit in, like Lenny did. I really hated the way the organization and "Sperman" Herman treated him.

And there is a part of me that hopes Matt Cassel is the next "Len Dawson." But I keep having visions of Steve Bono instead. I hope Mr. Cassel tries to be a part of the community. We need a new "Mr. Cool," like Dawson was, and to his credit, how Len Dawson became an important part of the Kansas City landscape.

But let's face it...it ain't Todd Haley or Scott Pioli. It all sits squarely with Clark Hunt. He's the boss, and everyone else is an employee. In the end, if he wants to win, so will the Chiefs. If not...BOW-chika-BOW BOW "New blood comin' in, Gonna be fun again(clik)... again(clik)... again(clik)... again(clik)... again(clik)... again(clik)..."

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