Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm most disappointed in myself. My friend, Monte May, has been at his webstrip for over a year now and has been diligent in encouraging me to get off my duff and get one done, myself. I should. And I have no excuse. I have about 3 more strips lying around needing finished on the pencils. The ideas are there.

I based this character on a guy I used to work with. Human resources used to tell us that "a handshake is the only acceptable form of human contact." No hugging, no patting, nada! But this guy could make a simple handshake a form of sexual harassment. And I've observed those at various churches I've attended who are the "huggers." That's fine. In reality, the world needs more hugs. More comfort. But there are always those who seem a bit too friendly, or it could be my own psychosis. I don't hug generally. And if I do, it is with someone who I know won't get any "other" ideas. So I thought of this guy in the vein of those who come off too huggy...

I went back to some basics. Made him more "rooster" like. And I like how he turned out. Now to use him in some strips!

This one was from watching a "Harry Potter" movie. I like the character actors they use, and this one flowed easily from out of the pencil while observing Mark Williams as "Arthur Weasley."

Simple lines. It seems to be the direction a lot of my art is going. But I might need to do some "serious" stuff just to show I still can.

Be good.

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Anonymous said...

Mike, seeing a new post from you is almost as good as a letter from home or warm cookies right out of the oven.

Keep on keepin' on, Mike.