Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to me, I'm no longer 53...

by Mike Worley

Depending on how you count time, and how blogspot marks time, 10/28 would actually mark my last day of my 54th year and my "54th birthday anniversary" would be the beginning of my 55th year on the planet. Either way, legally I can't take advantage of the senior discount at Denny's for another year. Don't know if I want to.

I'll be working at the park my birthday evening. Worlds of Fun wants to squeeze more out of their Halloween Haunts. Not looking forward to it.

And I've found myself really anxious this week--more crabby, bitchy and moody than usual. I've been haunted the past few years with the knowledge that my grandfather passed away at 55. Guess I feel like all my sins have come back to torment me. Kind of a feeling of morose futility. Jeez! I sound like an Emo kid!!!

My wife and I once played the "if you knew this was your last day on earth, what would you do?" game. She asked me what I'd eat. My answer was what ever she "scooped on a shingle," or what ever we would normally get from a drive thru. Probably a double hamburger from McDonald's. Maybe a taco salad from In-A-Tub-Tacos. At that point wouldn't eating something exotic, expensive, and grossly over priced be rather stupid?

I finished up the drawing for my niece, and did it in color. Like a dope, I framed it before making a scan of it, so I took a picture of it instead. I may need to do an electronic version later on, but I can do the color in Illustrator. Here it is...

...and yes, you can see my shadow with the camera.

Some sketching, and then to bed.

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