Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bein' green...

by Mike Worley

I decided to revisit a previous group of shapes. The other evening I posted a rough and talked about using an image hose on it. But it hit me to rethink it and come up with another possibility. The author of a book I've been reading on cartooning made some comment on "shapes," and their relativity to character type, catagorizing triangular shapes to those of a sneaky-to-villainous proclivity. I disagree. Certainly Charles Laughton fell into the the "circular" category, being very round and "wooby." And while I'm sure he could've pulled off being kind and lovable, he was more adept at villainy. Ditto, that not all "hero" types are necessarily "blocky," as William Bendix could also pull off a bad boy turn, too.

But this exercise gave me the inspiration to draw a favorite character I enjoyed in my youth,...the Green Lantern. Ironically, I've never really drawn him! Not "realistically." I did a Disney-esque version about 2, maybe 3 years ago at Visioncon in Springfield, MO for someone who saw me noodling around in my sketchbook with that style. Here's a cartoony Hal Jordan. Technically, I've still never drawn the character. Guess I'll have to get around to that sometime. Any way, here it is...

A "tip of the hat" before I go to respective copyright holders. To DC, of course, for "Green Lantern," and to some unknown artist for the spacescape.

Good night!

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