Thursday, February 4, 2010

going live...

by Mike Worley

My wife and I attended a "simo-cast" of "A Prairie Home Companion" this evening, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. So much so that we set a dream to attend a truly "live" performance sometime in Minnesota. I have a great respect for those who perform live. There is no net, and if you hit a "clinker," it's out there to stay.

We took in a performance at Starlight Theatre one evening a few years ago. Saw Robert Goulet as "King Arthur" in "Camelot." During the performance, one of the secondary actors did some "hamming," and you could see Goulet trying very much not to laugh, eventually cracking up on stage. That, too, is one of the thrills of a live performance.

On a survey at work, I was asked to relate my favorite "concert," and I put down that it was in 1967 when I was a kid and my parents had taken us to Gatlinburg, TN. We saw Archie Campbell and his troup in action and it was the funniest and best show I'd seen.

One year, an artist who worked with me gave Becky and I tickets to a drag queen theatre performance of "Valley of the Dolls," and we both enjoyed it.

I think we're going to try to find more "live" things.

The following sketch was done at Cripple Con 3 a few weekends ago in San Antonio. There is a story behind it, but suffice it say it might put me in an awkward position. It was done for, and of, a colleague of mine, Ryan Forrester. I had wanted that weekend to be more getting back into doing more comic book style stuff. Let's just say the picture really tells its own tale...

It's supposed to snow tonight, and my right knee is hurting. Sure wish this weather would settle down.

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